Green Policy - Sustainability

Green Shoots Media are passionate about green issues and strive to minimise the environmental impact of our business activities.

Waste Management
We have identified 3 key areas of responsibility to promote effective waste management :
1) Recycling
Green Shoots Media strive to recycle whenever possible, including; paper and cardboard, glass bottles, aluminium and steel cans, printer cartridges.
2) Reducing
We do not buy from manufacturers that use excess packaging.
We do not use disposable cups or cutlery.
Documents including reports and proposals are produced and sent electronically.
3) Reusing
Envelopes and jiffy bags are reused with new address labels where possible.
Packaging including carrier bags and boxes are saved to be reused when needed.
CD cases are collected and reused (discs recycled).
Folders and dividers are saved and re-used.
Draft prints and internal documents are re-used as scrap paper.

            Energy Consumption

Green Shoots Media is keen to reduce its energy consumption and has implemented the following energy saving measures:

► All computers and monitors are switched off when not in use.
► The printer has a save-energy mode.
► All electronic equipment including printers, photocopiers, lights, machinery and kitchen equipment are switched off overnight.
► All windows and internal doors are kept closed to maintain the temperature.

Office basics
We only drink Yorkshire tap water; not bottled water.

We use public transport whenever possible and often bike to work.

Policy Review
We are constantly on the look out for new green initiatives to incorporate into our business practices.
Digital Solutions
Promote your brand and services online with cost effective Website builds, Social Networking, high volume Email and SMS communication campaigns
Eco Advertising
Communicate your commitment to the Environment through
Green advertising initiatives, Sustainability and Carbon Offset programmes
Outdoor Large Format
Use high visibility Billboard ads and Building Wraps to advertise your brand or service to thousands of consumers through National and Local campaigns 
Mobile Advertising
Drive your brand message to Motorists and Pedestrians with high impact mobile advertising using articulated trucks, trailers and bike solutions