12-09-2011 | Useful website design tips for your business

Any business looking for a web designer will find there is a wide range of web development companies providing website development services. Simply go to your favourite search engine ( and type in “web design” and the results will show hundreds and thousands of website development providers. The web design industry is very competitive, so how do you find a web design company which not only offers good design but also provides a website which has a the ability to achieve good ranking on search engines?

Listed below are some important website design tips:

Meta Tag Data – There are three types of meta tag data:

Title Tag – The title tag is important for website design search engine optimisation. The title tag is used to form a part of a search engine result. It is important to keep your title tag short but also try to list the most common keywords in your web page title tag. Each web page on your website can contain a different title tag.

Keyword Tag – The keyword tag contains words or phrases that potential visitors will use in search engines to find your business website. The main text on your website should also contain these keywords. Each page on your website should focus on a specfic keyword and the text information on this page should reflect against this chosen keyword.

Description Tag – The description tag is normally placed under your title tag and should contain a short description about your business. This is an opportunity for you to sell your products and services to your potential clients. Search engines use the description tag to form a basic description of your business in search results. It is advisable to keep your description tag short and straight to the point. Get your message about your business within the first two lines of description text.

Some other useful tips:

Keep your website up to date. Old information contained on your website is OK but new information is always more informative. A good idea to is build an archive system so you can keep old information but also provide your visitors with up to date information.

Do not write an essay about your business. Try to get your text information concise and informative. Split your information in to pages if you need to have a lot of text information on your website about your business.

Make sure your website is visually appealing. In most cases what you like in terms of design and not be the same for your client base. Get you designer to create an example home page as a graphic file and have the file sent to via email. Send this file to at least 20 – 30 other people, some related to your business and people outside of your business and get some feedback. Based on the feedback you will be in a better position to direct your designer / developer.

Change the images on your website at least once a every three months. If you use images on your website try to update them with new images every three months. People who visit your website often will see that you are keeping your website up to date. Use the alt tag to add a text description of the image, the is an opportunity to add more keywords to the main body of your website.

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Author : Pankaj Shah - Webmaster